Immune insighT is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Lille (France) founded in 2016, Spin-off which stems from academic research. We are specialized in ex-vivo and in-vivo assessment of compounds on the immune system and more specifically regulatory T cells (Tregs).

Immune insighT has access to all the technological facilities within the Pasteur and CNRS ecosystems (Animal housing facilities, imaging platform, technological facilities etc.)


How to best ensure the efficacy and safety of new molecules on the immune system and on human Tregs ?

Immune insighT has a scientific and technical expertise in Human regulatory T cells :  We design custom-made and effective methods to ensure the efficacy and safety of new molecules on human immune cells and particularly regulatory T cells.. We are dedicated to the immune evaluation of new molecules in the fields of cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.

How we help ? An initial discussion with Immune insighT to establish the clients needs. Then, our team of experts recommend custom-designed experimental protocols. Once the service is completed, comprehensive technical and scientific report are established. Finally, Immune insighT reviews the data with you to help you best understand your data and guaranty your needs are met.


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