Founders and Senior Scientific Consultants

Experts in onco-immunology, immunotherapy and therapeutic antibodies, with more than 20 years of experience in academic and clinical research.


Pr. Nadira Delhem

Co-founder, Senior Scientific Consultant

Pr. Nadira Delhem is a Professor of immunology at the university of Lille and Laboratory Head (IPIC-OncoTHAI – INSERM). Winner of the prestigious Matwin award for developing a novel Galectin 9 checkpoint inhibitor “Galimab”. The immune insighT co-founder has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of regulatory T cells, immune-oncology and therapeutic antibody design.

Dr. Olivier Moralès

Co-founder, Senior Scientific Consultant

Dr. Olivier Moralès, a researcher in the IPIC team (OncoTHAI-INSERM) and assistant professor at the CNRS for more than 17 years. Co-founder of Immune insighT, he also has an extended expertise in oncolytic viruses, immune-oncology, novel therapeutic antibody discovery and translational research.

Thierry de Catheu


Experienced manager with 30 years in the healthcare industry within big groups:Johnson & Johnson, Smith+ Nephew, Sorin Biomedica and Cochlear.Then and since 2013, strategic & fundraising consultant, several positions of CEO and Biotech/Medtech Board member.

Dr. Sarah Renaud

Key account scientific manager

Dr. Sarah Renaud completed her PhD at the Pasteur Institute in Lille and is specialized in immune-oncology, notably in the role of dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in cancer.

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